The Pentucket Education Foundation (PEF) was founded in 2010 in response to the intense budgetary pressures facing the six schools in the Pentucket Regional School District (PRSD). Since that time, the PEF’s grants have enabled teachers to enrich the learning experience for students district-wide with new technologies, programs and resources. The PEF has also funded infrastructure improvements such as the creation of a state-of-the-art science and math lab at Pentucket High School, and deployment of modern wireless connectivity across the PRSD.  

The PEF relies on the generosity of private citizens and local businesses in its fundraising efforts, as well as the active participation of volunteers to staff its many programs and events. For more information on getting involved, please contact the PEF board of directors.  



How does the PEF generate funds for its grants?

The PEF generates funds in three primary ways: through donations from private citizens, grants from local businesses, and the many fundraising events we hold throughout the year. 

How are grants determined?

Grants are issued based on a formal application process. Grants are evaluated based on how the applicant’s proposal aligns with the PEF’s mission, and are only issued for programs and technologies that enrich the learning experience. They are never issued to defray school operating costs, routine supplies, or other standard components of the PRSD budget. 

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes – just as with other charitable organizations, donations to the PEF are tax deductible.


Do your grants help reduce taxes on citizens?

We are an independent charitable organization, so our grants have no direct impact on annual school budgets or citizen tax rates. Our grants enable educators to enrich the educational experience of students with new programs and technologies. So while the PEF is not a substitute for taxpayer support of the public schools, our grants do help the district deliver greater “bang for the buck” for taxpayers across all three communities in the PRSD. 

How else can I help?

The PEF welcomes volunteers from the PRSD community. To find out how to get involved, please contact the PEF. 

“Pentucket Regional School District is an educational powerhouse that develops the academic genius, artistic giftedness, and athletic prowess of every student to successfully compete and achieve internationally."

Dr. Jeff Mulqueen

Board of Directors

Anna Marie Beech President

Tim Bean Treasurer & Secretary

Sandy Berkenbush Clerk

Pam Atwood, Accounts Payable


  • Robin Plisinski            
  • Donna Tierney
  • Julie Torrisi
  • Mimi Keeves          
  • William Beuell
  • Alan Jarvis
  • Dena Trotta  (ex-officio)
  • Rachel Rossi
  • Jeanne Stafford