A New Chapter for the PEF

Clearly you’ve noticed by now that the PEF has a new website. What you may not know, however, is that this new website really signifies a new chapter for the PEF.

 In our first chapter, which started in 2010, we focused on getting the organization off the ground – lining up corporate and private donors, establishing our grant process, organizing our various fundraising events, and so on. Those initial years have been highly successful – you need look no farther than the “Success Stories” section of this website to see the impact the PEF has had on the public schools. Today, however, we are moving the PEF to a new level – to serve as a driving force for creating a real sense of community among all constituents in the PRSD ecosystem.

Community is the only way we can ensure a first-rate education for our children. Tax dollars alone simply will not get the job done, because voters have no appetite for overrides. In this environment, we need to develop alternative sources of funding and expertise to give our educators the tools they need to deliver a true 21st century education to our children. That is what the PEF is all about – bringing together the entire PRSD community to focus on moving our schools forward.

We hope you enjoy our new site, and we hope you will make it a priority to be part of our community in the year ahead. We welcome your participation as a volunteer, donor, or even just as an attendee at our monthly meetings (we meet the first Thursday of every month in the Pentucket Middle School library, and more ideas are always welcome!). Together, we can make a PRSD education second to none!

Anna Marie Beech

PEF President