Trailblazer Award Winner uses her grant at the Page School

First Grade Teacher Krista Niles tells us how she spent her Trailblazer Award grant money at the Page School. Thanks so much for sharing Krista!

"Here are some pictures of my students utilizing the bee bots and mats from the PEF grant money! Under the direction of our STEAM teacher, Hilary Seager, students were given four challenges to complete. The challenge was to collaborate to code their bee bot to follow a path from one point on the mat to another. They were equipped with the mat, bee bot, and directional cards (start, forward, backward, left, right, stop, go, delete). Students were excited to code the bee bots and to complete each challenge that increased in difficulty. The last challenge was to make their own path and have another group successfully code their bee bot to follow the designed path! Engineering and collaboration at its finest. Thank you PEF!" ~ Krista Niles